• About DCSVP Services

    DCSVP Services is the latest charitable project of The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, it is an “umbrella” organisation set up to secure the long-term future of the projects and services founded by The Daughters of Charity that are now independant charitable companies.

    The following charities are already subsidiaries of DCSVP Services:

    • Out There – supporting for prisoners’ families;
    • St Joseph’s Services – providing supported living and residential care services for people with learning disabilities;
    • St Vincent’s Family Project – an inner-city family centre;
    • Vincentian Care Plus – providing domiciliary care for vulnerable adults in Westminster;
    • DCSVP services is supporting The Space – a project working with the Roma in Govanhill Glasgow and which will become a subsidiary once it achieves independent charitable status.

      Marillac Care – provides residential care for people with acquired brain injuries and this will also become a subsidiary once it achieves independent charitable status.

      This group structure enables the projects to learn from one another’s experiences, to monitor and ensure that Vincentian Values remain at the heart of each subsidiary, and to share resources wherever it is practically possible.

      DCSVP Services has immense regard for each organisation:

      • it respect their independence;
      • it offers advice on infrastructure, governance and best practice;
      • it also offers training, fundraising, and trustee support;
      • most importantly it offers the Vincentian values VIVAT programme.
      • VIVAT – VIncentian VAlues Today

        The Group practices Vincentian values. The way each subsidiary put the values into practice is differrent and VIVAT will ensure the values are well understood and explicit in each individual charities’ work.

        In what is an increasingly competitive and pressurised sector, we believe it is vital for Vincentian charities to maintain their values.

        We founded VIVAT to challenge charities to think more deeply about their values.

  • History of St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac

    Vincentian charities all have a distinctive value base. Their values flow directly from the inspiration of our co-founders, St. Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac. These two Catholic saints were friends who collaborated with each other for thirty-six years, out of the same deep Christian commitment to serve the very poorest people in their social context of war-torn seventeenth-century France. During their lifetime, France was ravaged with enduring conflict, famines and epidemics, which historians estimate killed up to a third of the population. For Vincent and Louise, their Christian faith meant that social justice was part and parcel of how they understood what being a Christian was all about.

    St Vincent de Paul

    Vincent de Paul was born at Pouy, in the Landes, France on 24th April 1581, and was ordained a priest on 25th September 1600. Working first in pastoral ministry in Paris, he later accepted a position of chaplain in the household of the de Gondi family from whence he came to devote himself to the alleviation of the lot of the poor. To that end, he established the Congregation of the Mission to which was also entrusted the formation of the clergy. Along with Louise de Marillac he founded in 1633 the Company of the Daughters of Charity. Vincent died in Paris 27th September 1660, and was declared a saint on 16th June 1737.

    St Louise de Marillac

    Louise de Marillac was born on 12th August 1591, probably in Paris. Her marriage on 5th February 1613 to Antoine Le Gras, ended prematurely with his death on 21st December 1625, and she was left with their only child, Michel. In 1624 she had taken Vincent de Paul as her spiritual director, and it was under his guidance that she gave herself, after Antoine’s death, to the service of the poor and the visitation of the Confraternities of Charity. Together on 29th November 1633, they founded the Company of the Daughters of Charity, and thereafter the care and training of the Sisters became Louise’s life work. Louise died on 15th March 1660, and was canonised on 11th March 1934. On 10th February 1960, Pope John XXIII proclaimed her as the patron saint of all Christian social workers.

    Friendship with St Vincent de Paul

    Vincent and Louise worked together as a team. Vincent provided the original vision of service of poor people, a vision shaped by the love of Jesus Christ. Louise helped transform that vision into reality. They have inspired thousands of people through the ages to offer a caring compassionate face in Christian ministry. Today countless individuals and groups all over the world continue to be influenced by their example and spirit.

  • About the Daughters of Chaity of St Vincent de Paul

    During their 150-year history in the UK, The Daughters of Charity have developed many social and charitable projects. Today, these include: Marillac Care – residential care for people with acquired brain injuries; Out There – support for prisoners’ families; The Space – a project working with the Roma community; St Joseph’s Services – supported living and residential care for people with learning disabilities; St Vincent’s Family Project – an inner-city family centre and Vincentian Care Plus – domiciliary care for vulnerable adults in Westminster; and three residential care homes.

    The Daughters of Charity are aware of the importance of maintaining Vincentian values in projects share Vincentian Charism. A number have been invited to become active partipants of the VIVAT programme. These include:

    • The Passage – supporting homeless people to transform their own lives;
    • De Paul Trust – helping young people who are homeless and disadvantaged;
    • Vincentians in Partnership – a collabotrative of Vincentian organisations;
    • Vincentian Volunteers – offerring volunter programmes with recognised charities, for young people.
  • Our Mission and Vision

    DCSVP Services brings together all Daughters of Charity associated charities to ensure their future longevity, systemic change and the effective transmission of Vincentian values.

    Our Vision

    DCSVP Services exists to build charity and justice by inspiring voluntary-sector organisations, which share our Vincentian charism and Christian roots, to be fully innovative, sustainable and effective in their response to those who experience poverty in the UK today.

    Our Mission

    DCSVP Services offers a range of tailor-made consultancy services to charity subsidiaries in a group structure to encourage organisational change, practice learning, better stewardship and increased collaboration, so as to guarantee that Vincentian values and ethos live in practice, and the voices of those in poverty are heard.

    DCSVP Services – Building Charity and Justice Today

  • DCSVP Staff

    • Sister Ellen Flynn

      Sister Ellen Flynn

      Executive Chair

      Sister Ellen has been a member of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent De Paul since 1972. For nine years she worked as CEO of The Passage, helping homeless people in central London. During that time, she developed skills in charity management, governance, fundraising and project development, as well as networking across London in all sectors of business and society.

      Her background is in education; she initially worked with disadvantaged young people in inner-city schools and later in adult formation, including group facilitation, liturgy, music, and management within the Christian church.

    • Gary Wood

      Gary Wood

      Organisational Development and Support Manager

      Gary joined DC Services after working for 11 years in the statutory support sector as a commissioner for four London local authorities and, during that time, provided consultancy for voluntary-sector organisations. He previously worked for five years for a homelessness charity.

      Gary also has ten years’ IT experience with major organisations working in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Governance

    The charitable company, which is governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association, was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee (Registered in England and Wales, number 07638065) on 17 May 2011, and was registered as a charity on 16 October 2012 with the charity commission for England and Wales (Charity registration number 1149326).

    The Board of Trustees comprises members of the congregation of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, together with other members who share Vincentian Values.

    Board of Trustees

    Sr Ellen Flynn, DC
    Executive Chair

    Sr Moira Bain, DC
    Mr John Drury
    Sr Eileen Glancy, DC
    Sr Kay Harte, DC
    Mr Michael Kelly
    Sr Kathleen Kennedy, DC
    Sr Mai O’Connor, DC
    Sr Marie Raw, DC
    Fr Paul Roche, CM
    Sr Theresa Tighe, DC


    As the work of DCSVP Services increases, the trustees will form appropriate sub-committees to focus on specific areas, including finance, fundraising for subsidiaries, human resources, and development.

  • “Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”

    Dalai Lama

  • “The hand must be directed as much as possible by the heart.” (CED 11:77)

    St Vincent de Paul

  • “Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”

    Dalai Lama

  • “I urge all of them to be very courageous especially in perfecting themselves in the practice of true humility, gentleness, obedience, cordiality and support for one another” (L.113B)

    St Louise de Marillac

  • “Nature makes trees put down deep roots before having them bear fruit, and even this is done gradually.”

    St Vincent de Paul

  • “You will find out that Charity is a heavy burden to carry... but you will keep your gentleness and your smile... you are the servant of the poor, always smiling and good humoured.”

    St Vincent de Paul