• Vincentian services challenge the underlying causes of poverty

    DCSVP Services will develop an in-house policy and advocacy function to gather evidence from its subsidiaries’ experience of people in poverty and bring that to public notice. We will aim to provide examples of evidence-based practice that can be used to influence decision makers, including central and local governments.

    • We will provide irrefutable evidence from experience and practice.
    • We will add our voice to lobbying by the wider voluntary sector to avert damaging policy and to promote change.
    • We will work directly with the people who use our subsidiaries’ services and find imaginative ways to bring their concerns to the attention of decision makers. This could involve us in advocating for, and on behalf of, service user groups and/or providing research on the views and aspirations of people who face severe and multiple disadvantages. We will also support people in telling their stories and offering their own analyses of problems and solutions.
    • We will play a role in highlighting the disastrous consequences of overlooking diversity.
    • We will encourage subsidiaries to help people who use their services understand their rights and to work with law centres on individual cases that can be a powerful force for wider change.
  • “Humilty is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying.”

    St Vincent de Paul