• VIVAT - VIncentian VAlues Today

    All Vincentian organisations were started in response to the mission of their Roman Catholic founders – the social reformers, St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac.

    Each mission is different, but all have the aim of promoting human dignity and fostering the well-being of all people and communities in the UK.

    Vincentian organisations must always look not only to serve the people experiencing poverty, but also to advocate for, and with them to challenge the causes of poverty.

    VIVAT is a work stream of DCSVP Services set up to safeguard and promote these values in the diverse workplaces that make up the DCSVP Services subsidiaries and eleven other Vincentian organisations who are participants of VIVAT. The recent shared statement of our Vincentian identity and purpose agreed on five values which are held in common:

    • serving people who are experiencing hardship or poverty;
    • respecting the unique dignity of each person;
    • being compassionate and kind;
    • enabling choice and change;
    • acting in solidarity for justice;

    As VIVAT continues to develop; induction, formation, and training modules in Vincentian Values will be implemented along with Vincentian pastoral policy and organisational modules.

    To reflect this an extended area of this website will be developed over the coming months to enable the VIVAT community to share and discuss experiences.

    • A forum will be developed and administered
    • Materials will be available for download as they are produced
    • Meetings of the VIVAT Core Group will be recorded

    If there is any particular functionality you would like to see on this, the VIVAT area of the website, please contact Gary Wood.

    This area of the website will evolve – please watch this space.

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